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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Marketing Sites

Today I wanted to inform people about some somewhat effective sites and methods to advertise your sites online.

I use three or four different marketing websites right now which I love.  First of all, they are totally free to use.  You should never have to pay for your marketing.  Often times you are already paying for investing time and money into your actual business, so why should you have to pay for marketing?  There are plenty of marketing sites out there which are completely free to use, so why not use them?

The other reason I like these marketing sites I use is because... ok I hate to admit it, but I'm lazy.  I hate spending time marketing, and then going out to call people to follow up leads, etc.  Not that I don't follow up my leads mind you, I still love to follow up my leads, but I prefer to do this by e-mail, not by phone.  Also, because I am new to internet business, I do not yet have leads like many people who have been in online business for years, so using these sites are really the best bet for me, and probably the best bet for most of you starting out in internet businesses.

But hey, if you love making phone calls to people and talking to people that way, there are certainly plenty of services out there for that as well, such as Orange Leads.

Remember, if you use these sites... you have to be willing to work hard (or at least spend a few hours per day sitting in front of the computer).  The more you work, the more your sites will be shown, and then the more customers you will get.

TrafficSwarm was the first marketing website I joined.  Originally I joined it hoping to sell some of the books I had written.  However, I soon I realized that I could advertise other business websites on these marketing websites.  I wanted to join an internet business for little or no money.  So I looked around and began looking for other businesses and other marketing sites.

TrafficSwarm is great because you can list up to 5 websites for free.  You earn credits, and from your credits you subtract how many of your websites are shown.  If you want to sign up for TrafficSwarm, the link is over to the right of this blog.

Through TrafficSwarm I learned of Autohits.  Autohits is great because you don't have to click anything.  You can just let it run in the background.  You can list up to 10 sites.  And again, it's totally free.

After Autohits, I discovered Clix Sense.  Clix Sense is great because they pay you to view their ads, about between $0.01 and $0.05 for each ad.  Minimum payout is $10.00

The last one I discovered was TS25 (Traffic Syndicate 25).  This one is great because they reward you according to your hard work in their system.  I have already gotten several extra credits and posted several ads with them.  The only drawback to this program is the fact that you can only list one ad at a time if you do it for free.  But if you upgrade your account, you can show as many as 25 ads at a time.

All of these are surfing sites, either manual surf, or auto surfing sites.  I find that these are the easiest ways to advertise, as long as you don't mind sitting behind your computer and clicking.  Autohits however is automatic... so you might want to try them first as the easiest way to begin, however keep in mind that if you are putting your site on automatic, you can bet that the others using Autohits are too, and so they are most likely not actually viewing your site.  Autohits is best if you want your site to get a lot of clicks to go up on the lists of search engines.

Remember, the most important thing in marketing is to follow up, and make sure your clients understand everything that is being offered.  Follow up is so important I can not stress it enough.  People like to know that you care, so show them that you care.

I hope this was informative.  Again, if you have any questions, please e-mail me at:

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dane said...

Well written and informative. Thanks.
Much succes to you and thanks for following my blog as well.
Happy new year!