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Monday, December 8, 2008

Social Networking Sites that pay YOU!

Let's face it, as a Newbie, you are going to need help trying to figure out how to start your new businesses online (or even offline), and what better way than to use social networking sites, where you not only get to talk to people who are also learning, or who can help you learn how to start businesses, but sites which also PAY YOU to use them.

In fact, I realized not long after I started promoting my own sites that I would need help how to really be successful with them.  What is great is all of these sites are FREE to join, and yet they pay you to use them.  This funding most often comes from the companies who advertise with them, and then they pass on those earnings to you.

The first one is truly the best and pays the most out to it's users.  In fact, you have the potential to earn up to $19,750 per month.  Sound impossible?  Well, it may be difficult, but not impossible.  6dgr is an unlimited matrix which pays $3 on your first level for each person you refer, $2 on the second level, $1 on the third, through your 6th level.  Payment is primarily through a debit card which the fee is then paid for by 6dgr, which means it is truly free.  There is another payment plan as well, by e-trade.  Want to join?  Click the link to the right "6dgr" on my list of links.  Below is a video for 6dgr:


The second Social site I use is Yuwie.  This one is a lot of fun.  In fact, I spend a great deal of my time in Yuwie.  It is easy to find a lot of friends in Yuwie, thereby spreading news about your new business(es) very quickly.  Yuwie is a great place to learn which online business programs are for real, and which are scams.  I personally have learned a lot there.  Want to join?  Click the link to the right labeled "Yuwie" on my list of links.

The last and newest, but promises to be as awesome as Yuwie and 6dgr is: ViralNetworks.  This brand new site will be going live soon.  If you get in on it now, you'll have an amazing downline (not to mention amazing profits).  If you refer just 20 people, you get $50.  So join today!  Click the link to the right labeled "Viral Networks" on my list of links.

Please consider joining these sites before making any major plans in online businesses if you are new to business.  Trust me, before you spend ANY money on your business, you should know what you are doing first by talking to people who already know what they are doing.  Don't make the same mistake so many people do by getting excited by all the promises so many scam businesses make, as I almost did.  DO YOUR RESEARCH!

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